About Me

I am an Assistant Professor of Higher Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University in Toronto. My broader academic interest is in understanding how global trends affect higher education and what factors affect variation. I study how global models shape national policies and university practices, and how changing models for higher education affect young people.

I am interested in better understanding changing patterns of how, where, and what university students learn in our rapidly changing world, and what role the university plays in creating graduates’ identities as future citizens, workers, leaders, and agents of change. My current research agenda focuses on two global trends: privatization and internationalization. I also have a long-standing interest and deep commitment to understanding the role of education in the Arab Middle East and North Africa, developed through years of study and travel in the region, and strengthened by personal connections, many cups of tea and a love of the Arabic language.

Current Projects

2018-2022 SSHRC Insight Grant, Principal Investigator
Partners for Development or Privatizing the Public Good? The Role of Private Higher Education in the Global Knowledge Economy

2018    Institutional Grant
The Internationalization of Higher Education in Comparative Perspective


Email: elizabeth.buckner@utoronto.ca

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